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You know that when you specialize in something, you become familiar with the jargon of that specialty.  This can create communication issues as you may take for granted that others understand the jargon and know what you’re talking about.  Well, recently I’ve realized that I’ve been taking for granted that some prospects I’m talking with understand what many readers may be very familiar with - Drip Marketing.  This caught me by surprise.  I assumed (and we all know what ASSUME means) just about everyone knows what drip marketing is.  Well, now I know better.  So, I thought I would attempt a little blog education.

Drip marketing is a systematic way to stay in touch with both prospects and customers.  It involves a series of sequential “touches” with one or more marketing channels.  Typically, it involves direct mail and email, as these are the easiest to implement.  And, most drip marketing campaigns are part of database marketing.  But, many drip marketing programs or campaigns are not structured or managed well.  Effective drip marketing requires much more than sending a series of messages or a monthly newsletter.  It should consider the unique interests of each recipient, it should consider how they behave or react to each message, it should consider the frequency of each message and there should be a specific strategy behind the campaign, including offers and calls to action.  In addition, technology comes into play. There are many programs that allow you to build drip marketing campaigns - some are simple and send only emails, some will allow you to send emails and direct mail and, at the high end, there are programs that have features that allow you to more fully automate the messages that take into account the behavior of the recipient.

Whatever the size of an organization, there is much to be gained by implementing drip marketing.  Done properly, drip marketing can be a tremendous boost to the productivity of a sales team.  Leads can be nurtured and qualified before a sales rep gets involved.  Using effective drip marketing will extend the reach of a sales team.  In today’s tough marketplace, you need every edge and drip marketing can be very effective.
So, hopefully I’ve learned my lesson on jargon and perhaps a few readers now know a little more about drip marketing.  I always welcome what your thoughts may be.

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